“Educate Women to Educate Society”
International Women’s Day Celebrated at St. Thomas College
The Women Cell of St. Thomas College, Bhilai, celebrated International Women’s Day to commemorate the contributions made by women in the society. The program focused on saluting women for their hard work and the progress made by them in social and political areas. Chief Guest for the occasion was Mrs. Shaanu Monahan, a very dynamic, versatile, dedicated social activist of Chhattisgarh. Addressing the gathering Mrs. Mohanan said that our country is developing very fast, but not so the conditions of women. They are still on the margins of the society and efforts should be made by both the genders to bring women to the centre stage. Principal Incharge of the college, Dr. Vinita Thomas also spoke on the occasion. Mrs. Thomas emphasized on the theme of the international Women’s Day i.e. “Women in the changing world and work” . She said that women are the pillars of our society. We need to appreciate and respect them for their role in our lives and encourage them to lead a complete life. Students and Staff members of the College also shared their views to celebrate the occasion. Mr. Pratik Sharma (Asst- Prof) Department of Commerce shared his views and stressed on the need to reform society through women’s education. The Convener of the Women Cell Dr. Shiny Mendonce extended a warm welcome to the gathering. Dr. Sapna Sharma, Professor Incharge, Student Union Council and all other staff attended the function. The program was conducted by the Co- Convener of Women Cell Dr. Suja Varghese.