The youth is the future of every nation. It is only right that they in their capacity learn to work towards the progress of the nation. In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (xxi) Adhiniyam, 1973 (No.22 of 1973), College constitutes Students union as and when instructed by the University. Students union serve as incubators of intellectual understanding, interpersonal growth, and citizenship. The Student Union of the college serves as the catalyst for the growth towards successful higher education experience.

Principal is the Patron of Student union in the college.

Objective of the Student Union

The following are the aims and objectives of student union

  1. To promote and reinforce democratic values and principles;
  2. To educate about their duties and rights;
  3. To emerge with value oriented leadership quality, inculcate spirit of discipline and foster spirit of brotherhood;
  4. To promote intellectual, social and cultural activities in the campuses;
  5. To encourage participation in literary, cultural, artistic, innovative and sports activities to bring out their leadership and creative talents;
  6. To promote scientific temper and awareness on subjects of national and international importance.
  7. To extend social service through mutual cooperation with a view to shaping a generation dedicated towards social, economic, political issues of the society;
  8. To nurture a congenial atmosphere of learning and teaching for the development of the institution with an ultimate aim to build a knowledgeable society.