The College office is a spacious room complete with computer systems on work tables for the staff, enough cupboards and lockers and a quiet and cool ambience.The technology infrastructure in the College aids the staff in the effective discharge of their functions. Following facilities &/or equipment are available in the office:

  • 5 computers with high-end configuration with the latest version of Microsoft Office
  • A colour laserjet printer-copier-scanner-fax machine for rapid printing of large number of colour and black prints.
  • A large multifunction laserjet printer-copier-scanner-fax machine that enables the quick printing of a large number of documents in A3 and A4 sizes.
  • An A4 laserjet printer
  • An A3 dot-matrix printer
  • An exclusive uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system with effective backup to tackle power outages
  • Back up facility to a centralized double-level data backup system to minimize data loss due to technical hitches
  • Fully computerized admission process
  • Fully computerized administrative documentation system

The College office is run by an experienced and dedicated staff  who are ably assisted by junior members. The staff members serving in the College Office are:

Working hours:

Monday to Friday 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM, Saturday 9.00 am -2.30 PM Lunch Break 1.00 PM -1.30 PM

Office Staff

  1. Mr. Shyji Thomas
  2. Mrs. Rachel Joy
  3. Mr. P. D. Kunjumon
  4. Mrs. Sandhya Bobby
  5. Mrs. Jiji Yogesh
  6. Mrs. Geetha Dharmaraj