The college has procedures to create and continuously enhance the infrastructure in the form of Human Resources (Teachers, Technical and Administrative staff), Laboratory Equipment, Built-up Space and Learning Resources. The college has required number of Classrooms, Laboratories, Seminar Hall, Webinar Hall and e-Classrooms to conduct academic activities. All the Departments are well equipped with computing resources (Computer, Scanner & Printer) and Departmental Library.

The campus area is 10 acres, Playground area is 5 acre. There are 45 classrooms, 19 Laboratories,1 seminar Hall, 1 conference hall, The College campus has modern infra and convenient amenities that make life easy and fun during college hours for both students and staff, alongside making learning more interesting. Some of the facilities include well ventilated classrooms, recreational areas, hostel facility for boys and girls, indoor and outdoor games, well stocked library.


The College has a state of art infrastructure, divided in various departments and blocks, providing students with an encouraging learning environment.. It has administrative block, C Block, M Block Girls Hostel.


 Allocations of Class rooms are based on the number of students in a section .The college has a planning, building and maintenance committee comprising a members from the management, they take up the work of mentoring the maintenance of the class rooms, periodical painting and white washing. Cleanliness of the class rooms are ensured on daily basis. The college has a Conference hall with 150 seater capacity.


 There are 3 computer Labs in Computer department and 1 in education Department. Computer labs are fully equipped and maintained by full time IT team appointed by the college for ensuring the network security, maintenances of the server, protection of system by installing anti-virus software and original software. Science labs are fully equipped with necessary equipments and practical are conducted in a structured manner. All the labs have lab technicians and lab assistants. Besides science labs there are English Lab and Psychology Lab.  The English Lab with 12 computers equipped with head phones is a great boon to English Language Learners. The microbiology department being the research center has Ph.D. research laboratory also with all the basic equipments required by research scholars.


 The open play ground spread over 5 acres on the college campus supports a wide variety of Sports and Games with relevant courts. Students are formed into teams and trained to participate in the tournaments organized by the college and at University, Zonal, State, National and International levels.. The winners are duly awarded with Certificates and Medals. Students have brought laurels to our college in many of the events.  The multipurpose play ground is utilized for Volleyball Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Cricket and Lawn Tennis, Running track for Long Jump, High Jump Pits, Shot Put, Discus Throw and Javelin Throw areas during annual sports. The College has a mini stadium in the sports complex where these students can sit and view the sports events.


The College has a Gymnasium which is open for the students as well as the staff of the college.


The Cultural Committee plays a pivotal role in encouraging talented students to participate in cultural events and competitions at the Local, State, National and International Levels. The Committee provides training in indigenous Folk Arts, Music, Dance Forms, Debate, Elocution, drama etc. The College has separate Music Room. Special Awards is instituted to the student who excel in cultural events. . Professional teachers train the students for one month every year to participate in University, Zonal and National Youth Festivals and other Government Programmes.


There is a separate music room maintained in the campus where musical instruments are kept. This benefits the students of the college who are keenly interested to develop artistic skills.


To strike a balance between the Physical, Intellectual and Emotional quotients of the students, the college introduced Yoga for staff and students. The college celebrates International Yoga Day on 21st of June every year to inculcate the Spirit of Yoga among the Youth. The specially appointed Yoga teachers train them in the Seminar Hall and Cellar of Hostel-2.


Library is automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) Response. It consists of double Decker iron racks with books arranged subject wise and number wise. At present there are a total of books including Reference Books, Text Books, Journals, and Magazines. It is well equipped with all modern facilities including e- resources. It has evolved into a full-fledged Digital Library equipped with necessary equipment in order to provide various digital library services. It is fully automated with Integrated Library Management Software version 4.0.

The college library facility is very well utilized by the students and staff members of the college. The College runs an innovative practice in which the economically and socially weaker students can avail 4 books for whole session under BOOK BANK facility. Also the e-books are provided to the students for better understanding.


It is one of the icon of our college having a statue of Bharat Mata. All the National festivals are celebrated in this garden.


This Auditorium is used for celebrating Annual day, cultural Fest and other cultural events.


There is Vermi composing pit next to the Girls Hostel where all the waste is composed and recycled. The vegetable waste from the hostel is dumped into the pit where it is degraded to form manure. This manure is utilized to nourish the plants in the campus of the college.


The safety and security of the college and the premises is outsourced and there are security guards working in shifts for college as well as hostel.


A herbal garden is established at the college campus in which many medicinal and ornamental plants are maintained like Asparagus racemosus, Costus specious, etc. which are helpful for the students of Botany and research scholars working in college laboratories.


For proper vigilance CCTV cameras are installed at important places in the Campus and proper monitoring is done.


There is IQAC room where meetings and discussions related to the NAAC and other matters are discussed.


There is a caretaker to look after the upkeep and maintenance of all the facilities in the college.


The College has Girls hostel where girls from various parts of the country stays. There are wardand who work in shifts to supervise the activities of the hostel.


The ramps and wheel chairs are there for the physically challenged persons coming to college.


There is separate vehicle parking facility for boys, girls and the staff of the College and the students enter through different gates for different parking.


The College Canteen is a point of attraction for all providing healthy and hygienic food.


To maintain the ecological balance the college has a lush green garden with colourful flowers. The college does green audit.


There is SBI ATM outside the gate which is open for all. This facilitates the college students staff as well as the outsiders.


The college installed biometric system of attendance which is helpful to both the staff and the management to check the attendance time.


There is a solar panel installed in the campus with 58 KWH capacity. It has 160 panels and the electricity generated is supplied to the whole college.


There is a common room for girls in the college. The wending machine is installed in the girls common room which is helpful to them.


There are 5 water coolers in the college which supplies clean drinking water to the students.


A heath care room is maintained in the college premises which help staff and students with immediate first aid facility. Routine medical checkups are also arranged in the college for girls residing in hostel in college campus.


A suggestion box is kept in the college premises in which any one can drop his suggestion for betterment of facilities imparted to students. Fire extinguishers are also installed in the college campus at some places to be used in case of any emergencies.