Guidance and Counselling Cell,

St Thomas College , Bhilai , has a functional Guidance and Counselling Cell .

The following  Guidance  and Counselling programmes  are  conducted  in the college .

  1. Pre-Marital  Counseling  for  final year  Students .
  2. Career  Guidance
  3.  Orientation  for hostel students .

In addition , students  as well as staff  are encouraged  to participate  in outreach  programmes  such as   family  counselling  for  selected  villages   . The Cell  is open  to students for personal counseling  as and when  they  require it.

Activities of Guidance and counseling Cell  2011 – 2016

 July 2011 – Counselling session of Girls Hostel inmates

August 2012 – Counselling session of Girls Hostel inmates

November 2012 –  Antinarcotic awareness drive, Government Higher Secondary School, Ruabanda, Bhilai

December 2012- Pre-Marital Counselling for final year students

December 2012-  Village Junwani,  Govt girls High School – Guidance on Mental health and positive thinking

July 2013 – Counselling session of Girls Hostel inmates

September 2013- Career counselling for interested students on Journalism and Mass Media.  Resource person – Mr Sharma. Consultant, Govt of CG. Attended by  BA, BCom, BBA, BSc – 250 students

December 2013- –  Career in UPSE – DFO Ranjandgaon . (Attended by BA, BCOM, BBA, BSC, PG –  235 Students)

July 2014- Counselling session of Girls Hostel inmates

September 2014- Career counselling session  for BBA and BA students – ‘How to crack CAT’, speaker Mr Sharad Sen Sharma, IIM Ahmadabad.– (87 attended)

January 2015- For BBA n BA students Careers in organizational Psychology- Industry Speaker – Ms Urmi Singh, Trainer and Brand Specialist in Unilever  Mumbai.– (69 attended)

July 2015- Counseling session of Girls Hostel inmates

September 2015- Awareness program on Drug abuse (attended by 128 students)

September 2015- – Career counseling on Journalism and mass com by VC Kushabhav Thakre Univ. of Journalism n mass communication Raipur. (Attended by 143 school children of Bhilai)

October 2015-  Counselling session on Overcoming barriers to effective Communication for BBA students

July 2016- Counsel ling session of Girls Hostel inmates

December 2016- Session on ‘Positive Attitudes’, Govt. Girls College, Durg.

The  Guidance and Counseling  Committee  for 2016-17   of   St. Thomas College,  Bhilai  is  constituted  as  under:

  1.  Dr. Debjani Mukherjee  – Convenor
  2.  Dr. Shiny  Mendonce  – Co-convenor
  3.  Dr. Sheeja Varkey
  4.  Dr. Joyamma John
  5.  Dr. Bhuvana Venkatraman
  6.  Dr. Sonia Popli
  7.   Mrs. Seril Saji
  8.  Mrs. Susan Ebison
  9.  Mrs. Sunita Kshatriya
  10.  Mr. Mahendra Kumar Ikhar

[Dr. Debjani Mukherjee Counselling Hostel Girls ]

A Lecture on Positive  Thinking By Dr Debjani MukherJee