Environmental Day Celebration by Calcutta Diocese and St Thomas Mission Bhilai

Calcutta diocese and St. Thomas Mission, Bhilai celebrated Environmental day on 5th June 2020 by organizing a national webinar on the topic “Covid 19 Lockdown: Leading to conservation of biodiversity”. This was hosted by Eco club of St. Thomas College, Bhilai.

The webinar started at 4 pm. The event was introduced by Dean Academics of St. Thomas College, Dr. Vinita Thomas.  Principal of St. Thomas College, Bhilai, Dr. M.G Roymon welcomed the esteemed guests and participants to the webinar.

The key note address was given by H.G Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius, the metropolitan of Calcutta diocese of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and the Director of St. Thomas Mission Bhilai. In his address H.G. briefed about the inter relationship of organisms, habitat and the resources. H.G also mentioned that loss of biodiversity was due to anthropogenic interaction such as pollution. This lock down has also led to improvement of biodiversity, reduction of pollution therefore lead to a positive impact. H.G emphasised that modern man must learn that excessive exploitation of natural resources must be minimised. Because of this life style, ailments have become part and parcel of life. Therefore, there is need for protecting the natural environment.

Next esteemed speaker was Dr. Arvind Anil Boaz, retd. IFS and the head of Forest Force in Chhattisgarh state. In his lecture he highlighted about climate change. He pointed out the positive impacts of lockdown such as reduction in all types of pollution; improving the quality of the environment. He also mentioned that the lockdown resulted in Mortality, economic loss, Urban to rural migration etc. He shared his concern that social distancing may lead to excessive use of energy for transportation. Hence, it may be necessary to find some alternative methods such as use of electric vehicles etc.

Dr. R.L Devpurkar, Emeritus Professor, Dept of Microbiology, Savitribai Phule, Pune University was the next esteemed speaker for the evening. In his address he mentioned about the different types of microbes, their distribution and role in bio diversity.

The webinar was attended by over 100 people. The programme was concluded by vote of thanks by Dr. Joyamma John, convenor of Eco Club, St. Thomas College. The entire programme was co-ordinated by Mr Prateek Sharma.