College Fee

Payment of fee

  1. Payment of fees

The student admitted shall pay the fees as per the scheduled fee structure mentioned in the prospectus. Fees can be submitted for the whole year or in two installments. All transaction will be online.

Students failing to pay the fees in installment shall pay a late fee (Contact college office).

  1. Refund of Fees

Request for cancellation of admission must be made in an application. The request will be processed only from the date of receipt of the following in originals

  1.   All receipt towards the payment of fees
  2.    Student ID
  3.    Library clearance
  4.     Cancelled Cheque leaf of the bank to which transfer of money is to be done.

As per UGC DO No.1-3/2007(CPP-II) dated 6.12. 2016 the percentage of refund of

Aggregate fees will be as follows: Percentage Period
1 100 15 days before the formally notified last date of admission
2 80 Not more than 15 days after the formally notified last date of admission
3 50 More than 15 days but less than 30 days after formally notified date of admission
4 0 More than 30 days after formally notified last date of admission

Note: Only online transfer of the refunded amount will be possible.

  1. Fee Detail :  Fees are collected on the following heads
    • Admission Fee
    • Refundable Caution deposit
    • Lab Fee
    • University Fee
    • Tuition Fee
    • Amalgamated Fee
  2. Installments
    • First Installment at  the time of admission .
    • Second Installment  before 30th Nov  2018