Campus Rules and Regulation

  1. Every student shall obtain his/her identity card after taking admission. The student shall always carry the card with his/her attested photograph affixed on it and shall present it for inspection as and when demanded.
  2. No student will be allowed to attend classes, practical etc. unless he/she has his/ her identity card with him/her.
  3. In case of loss or misplacement, new identity card will be issued after payment of Rs. 150/.
  4. Students should not loiter in the corridors while the classes are going on.
  5. No student shall collect any money as contribution for picnic, trip, educational visit, get-together, study notes, charity or any other activity without the prior sanction of the Principal.
  6. No student shall communicate any information or write about matters dealing with the College administration to the press.
  7. Students are expected to take proper care of the College property and help in keeping the College premises neat and tidy.
  8. Damaging the property of the College eg. disfiguring walls, doors, breaking fittings or furniture etc is a breach of discipline and will be duly punished/ penalised.
  9. Students should not leave their books, valuables and other belongings in their classroom, laboratory etc. The College will not be responsible for any loss of such property.
  10. Canteen hours should be followed strictly.
  11. Smoking and alcohol consumption are forbidden.
  12. Ragging of any sort is strictly forbidden in the College.
  13. Students with criminal record are not eligible for admission.
  14. Students will not be allowed to change the sections allotted to them.
  15. Students are advised not to bring any friends/ relatives etc. to the College during regular classes, functions etc. without prior permission of the Principal.
  16. It is recommended that the students come to College in simple and decent dress suitable for an academic environment.
  17. Students have to appear for the internal tests, half yearly exams and model exams conducted by the College.
  18. For refund of caution money and obtaining T. C. & railway concessions/air travel concession forms, the students will have to apply to the Principal for the same and shall receive the desired document after three days of submission of the application.
  19. Library rules should be strictly followed. Any student who takes books from the College library without permission will be penalised.
  20. Mutilation or loss of library books shall be compensated for by payment of thrice the amount of the price.
  21. Sub-lending of books issued from Central Library is strictly forbidden.
  22. Students are instructed not to represent the College at the University for any matter whatsoever, without the written permission of the Principal.
  23. Students shall be suspended from the College if found indulged in activities which is detrimental to the best interest of the College, and the decision of the Principal in such cases shall be final.
  24. Phone Calls for students will not be entertained.