Fr. Dr. Joshi Varghese

Administrator-St. Thomas College

Administrator’s Message

We are living in an age driven by information technology where the expansion of knowledge is exponential. Knowledge derived from qualitative education, is seen as the main driver of productivity and economic vibrancy. This kind of qualitative education is proposed by UNESCO in its declaration of four pillars of education, i.e. learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be. ‘Learning to know’ includes the development of the faculties of memory, imagination, reasoning, problem-solving, and the ability to think in a coherent and critical way. In the changed times one cannot succeed by merely rote learning few facts or equations, rather one must learn how to think creatively, critically, and holistically, and how to deeply understand the information that is presented. Globalisation has ensured that one can no longer remain as an island but connect with others and appreciate the diversity of the human race and an awareness of the similarities between, and the interdependence of, all humans. ‘Learning to Be’ refers to being truly human. It refers to the role of education in developing all the dimensions of the complete person: to achieve the physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical integration of an individual into a complete wo/man.

St. Thomas College, Bhilai strives to impart value based education to the students using the time- appropriate technologies and methods, thereby helping them to be relevant in the changing scenario. The courses and various activities are planned to churn out not simply graduates who are only good at looking for jobs but those who see themselves as wealth creators and instruments for societal change. Let’s join together and continue to mould humans, form characters, and create students to be men and women who care for others.