V. Rev. Fr. George Mathew Ramban

Administrator-St. Thomas College

Administrator’s Message

Current education system in India is neither creating enough 21st Century global skills in students to meet the industry and service sector requirement nor training them in life skills. Employers have to reskill and upskill even the best degree holders to make them relevant for today’s job requirement. This implies that we need to re-invent ourselves to make our students capable of handling the uncertain future that lies in store for them. According to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the main aim of education are to build character, to cultivate human values in students, to develop a scientific aptitude with a spiritual foundation, to build confidence to face uncertain future and to develop a sense of dignity, self-respect and self-reliance. A 21st century teacher should become an awakened global leader to encourage and inspire students to become inquisitive. In the future, success will not depend on a degree, but on the ability to learn, interpret, apply, and innovate.Six levels of learning are remembering, understanding, analyzing, applying, evaluating and creating, therefore reform, perform and transform are key mantras of education at St. Thomas College. Covid-19 has forced us to embrace online pedagogy. Now adays computer screen are important than blackboards. Today students are addicted to screen learning in audiovisual mode. We at St. Thomas College encourage theoretical study, tutorials, practical, dissertations,projects and excursions to enrich the learning domain of our students. Learning is a life-long process and so it is our duty to provide a co-operative learning environment for students in this higher education institution. A degree is meaningless without ability to learn, interpret, apply and innovate. St. Thomas College inculcates the culture of learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to be together. Welcome to St. Thomas College, a premier institution performing commendably in the pursuit of excellence.

 V.Rev. George Mathew Rambaan

MA, BD, MTheo