Counselling Session- Impact of Drug Abuse

A session on  Impact of Durg Abuse was conducted by Dr Debjani Mukerjee, (Head, Department of Psychology , St Thomas College, bhiali)  on  4th August 2017 for all the BSc students . She is a renowned counselling expert. This session highlighted  drug abuse problem among college students which goes goes far beyond alcohol and  the  proportion of students using drugs has more than doubled. To underestimate  complexity of drug addiction  is dangerous — which  impacts the brain . She also made aware that drug addiction can be successfully treated to help students  who want to stop consuming  drugs and resume productive lives.

Earlier A counselling  session was conducted by Dr Debjani Mukerjee,  on  2nd August 2017 for all the Hostel students

All the hostel students participated in it .  Keeping in mind the importance of  well being  in student life  which is to be cherished throughout their life, this counselling session helped  the young  students  to deal with their issues. Such sessions act as morale boosting and also assist students to find the right path at the time they need it the most.